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You may have noticed the change in our name. After ten years as Autograffeg, we have decided to update our brand so that it reflects our growth within the media sector.

Now that we are working with a variety of clients, who themselves work all over the world. We felt that we needed a new name that had a wider appeal,  as we aim to expand our growing list of clients.

Once the name was decided, it was time for us to create a suitable identity to compliment it. A team of us worked on a few different logo designs, mixing our ideas until we came up with the final design. The one chosen fits the television standard of red, green and blue; emphasising the importance of simple graphics and reflects the main industry that we work with – television.



The next step of our rebrand, involved the reconstruction of our website. Seeing as we are based in South Wales, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, we decided to share this with you by creating an image based website. A member of our team spent a couple of days collecting images and videos within a few miles radius of our office. We added these to the background of pages, which we will update as the seasons change. We created the website using a combination of the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript to deliver a pleasant user experience. Visit our main website at

Website Products Page

We decided to incorporate moving image to our site, in order to break out from the static tradition of site design. Working with moving images has brought several challenges not only for the developers but also design.

Looping the scenes is fairly simple with today’s software but only when the rite scene has been captured.  This challenge reflects the effort of the whole company in our determination and persistence to achieving our visions and expectations.

Website Home Page

Our final step was to create business stationery which included; letterheads, compliment slips and business cards. The idea behind the business cards is that each person would have a different colour depending on their role within the company.

Business stationery

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